7 Tips During Your Invisalign Treatment

For more than 150 years, the conventional method of treating malocclusion — or misaligned teeth — included using metal braces. While that has certainly been an effective and proven solution, there is a new and more modern way to straighten teeth: Invisalign.


Invisalign is a revolutionary, life-changing cosmetic dentistry treatment that realigns teeth without using traditional metal braces.


The Invisalign process involves a series of clear aligners that are virtually invisible to others — people will only see a smile that's straight and beautiful!


And in this blog, we would be looking at 7 tips on how to get the best results with Invisalign treatment as well as Invisalign maintenance.


1)Pick your Orthodontist Wisely for Invisalign maintenance and advice

This is the first step towards your Invisalign treatment


Many people overlook the impact of Orthodontists on their Invisalign treatment. The reason for this is that they have the mindset that since they are simply getting their set of aligners directly from the manufacturer, they don't need the assistance of an Orthodontist.


But, this is not so, as the Orthodontist should be your first point of contact before getting your Invisalign set of aligners as the specialist needs to first access your smile and see if you are fit for the aligners.


Secondly, the specialist needs to also understand how your teeth fit together to make sure your aligners are a perfect fit.


Lastly, during the treatment process, the Orthodontist checks your progress and sees what's working perfectly while also giving advice on how to maintain your set of aligners.



2)Change Invisalign set every week

To achieve the desired results with your Invisalign set of aligners, it’s important and recommended that you are religious about keeping track of Invisalign aligners schedules. In other words, your Invisalign clear aligners are needed to replace every one or two weeks and you must stick to the intervals specified in your treatment plan.


Your dentist can help you in this respect by helping you determine what times are best to change your aligners. And on your end as a user, you need to make sure to stick closely to the plan and you can do this by setting reminders or download mobile apps that help to remind you.


3)Bedtime is the best time of day to change Invisalign aligners

When you get a new set of aligners, you are going to feel some pain or discomfort as the aligners will put some pressure on your teeth. According to experts, this temporary pain you feel means that the aligners are working. However, to reduce the pain, it’s recommended that you wait till bedtime to change your aligners on the days that have been set for you to replace them. The logic behind this is that you will be able to sleep through most of the pain, and when you wake up, all you would feel is a bit sore. You just dream away the pain.


4)Your Aligners should be on 22 hours a day

For your Aligners to work, they have to be kept on most of the time at least 22 hours a day but there will be times when you do have to remove your aligners, including when you eat or brush your teeth. Also, you could remove them during special occasions like a job interview or some important social engagement.


But what you shouldn’t do is remove your aligners more than necessary to avoid exceeding the number of hours a day they should stay out of your mouth. Most times, some people remove the aligners because it causes a temporary lisp in speech especially during the early days but with time this lisp disappears, so removing them is not a solution.


5)Keep your Aligners and teeth Clean

Your clear aligners may start to lose their clarity if they aren’t cleaned after it has been stained with food or beverages. Apart from your aligners looking unclean, when your aligner is not cleaned, they emit an odor and feel uncomfortable. To clean your aligners, they are two main option; you can either use the Invisalign Aligner cleaning system which is a technology that use special cleaning crystals to help remove plaques from your aligner.


On the other hand, as an Invisalign user, it’s very important to keep proper oral hygiene. This is because your aligners fit tightly around your teeth and anything on them, whether food particles or even plaque will stay in place just like your aligners, and your saliva which performs the work helping to remove bacteria from your teeth cannot perform the function. The solution to this and to protect yourself from the risk of dental cavities, it’s recommended that you brush your teeth every time you remove your aligners to consume anything.


6)Get a whitening toothpaste

Aligners keeping particles stuck in your teeth might not be all disadvantageous, especially when it relates to teeth whitening. As a matter of a fact, one of the best times to improve the whiteness of your teeth is when you are undergoing an Invisalign treatment as the aligners keep some parts of the toothpaste such as fluoride from being washed away after you brush. This is not the case for Orthodontic patients who make use of metal braces as they have to wait to whiten their teeth to avoid a miscoloring of their teeth.


7)Get a retainer after your Invisalign treatment

To make your Invisalign treatment worth the effort, you need to maintain the smile and this is because the teeth have a way of reverting to the way they are after all your efforts to straighten them. So, at the end of your treatment, your dentist will advise what steps to be taken to prevent this and this usually involves, wearing your last set of aligners before finally moving to retainers. The specialist will also inform you how often the retainer should be worn.




How do I know if my Invisalign is working?

Your aligners would feel very tightness and pressure on your teeth as well as a bit of pain


How often do you need to change Invisalign trays?

You need to change your trays every 1-2 weeks.


How long to wear Invisalign a day?

For your treatment to be effective, you must wear your aligners for not less than 22 hours a day


How often do I need to replace the Invisalign retainer?

Every 6 months or 12 months since the stoppage of your Invisalign treatment.


How long can you leave Invisalign out?

Invisalign aligners are required to be worn not less than 22 hours a day, anything below this amount of hours might affect your progress.


Can I take my Invisalign out for a day?

This is not advisable as the aligners are meant to be worn for 22 hours every day.

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