What Are the Most Comfortable Dentures for Your Teeth

comfortable dentures

If you are suffering from missing or lost teeth, you may look into dentures as an option for dental reconstruction. There are various types of dentures to choose from: custom-made, partial, implant-supported, and full—complete dentures. As such, finding the right ones for your teeth can be confusing.

This article will help you learn more about the various options available so you can get the most comfortable dentures for your teeth.


Dentures are used by those who don’t like the pain or the invasive nature of dental implants. Dentures are dental features that are comfortable and functional, plus they can be worn throughout the day without issues.

However, certain factors like the state of your oral health and your financial ability determine what kind of dentures you can or will get.

The various types of dentures include:

  • Complete full dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Custom dentures
  • Snap-in dentures
  • Economy dentures
  • Overdentures

Now, depending on the dental situation or tooth loss, what are the most comfortable dentures for your teeth?

Below are some common tooth loss scenarios and the comfortable dentures to have fitted in these situations.

Replacement of a Single Tooth or Two

In this kind of situation, you have two options. You can either get an implant bridge between the close of the adjacent teeth or if you can’t stand the pain of surgical procedures, you can have a denture fitted for you if it’s what you want.

The types of dentures recommended in this case are flexible dentures or Snap-On dentures. The reason is that flexible dentures are comfortable and this is due to the way they adjust to fit the contours of the gum preventing gum bruises. They are also known for their long-term use. However, depending on the area of the mouth where the dentures will be, certain things have to be considered.

Replacement involving the Molar

For example, if the replacement involves the molar, specifically those located at the lower back of the teeth, a flexible denture is not ideal. Rather a bridge is the recommended option in this case because of the greater stress of chewing undergone by these teeth.

Replacement Involving the Upper front Teeth or the Bottom Teeth

In this case, looks are more important than function as these teeth don’t undergo the same pressure as the above. So, partial dentures that match the color of the adjacent teeth are the best option to avoid it looking unnatural. Also, these are the most comfortable dentures for your teeth in this situation.

Replacement of One or Two Back Molars

Also, another common scenario worthy of consideration is when replacement involves one or two back molars.

It’s important to note that removing your wisdom tooth is not necessary as it doesn’t affect your ability to chew or smile. However, in the case whereby one or two back molars are missing, it’s recommended that you get implant-supported dentures. The type of dentures recommended are partial dentures if comfortability is what you want.

Other scenarios that are not molar-related that should be considered are:

Missing a Large Set of Teeth: The most comfortable dentures for your teeth are flexible full dentures.


Complete Denture: If your entire teeth are completely gone and need replacement, it’s recommended that you get complete or full flexible dentures.

How to Make Dentures More Comfortable?

There are various tips to help make your dentures feel comfortable. Here are some of them.

First, you need to be realistic with your expectations, especially when at the initial stages of fitting your dentures. You will feel a bit of discomfort at first but when you get used to them, the discomfort will stop.

Secondly, you can use a dental adhesive to keep your dentures in place as even the best fitting dentures can slip in your mouth but with the adhesive, your dentures will stay in place while eating.

Thirdly, avoid foods that are sticky as these kinds of food can get stuck in your dentures causing discoloration and making you uncomfortable.

Also never use hot water on your dentures as it might affect the way they fit and as a result, you might need to repair or replace it.

Other tips to try out to make your dentures more comfortable is to make sure you clean your dentures daily. Take them out 6-8 hours a day to allow the gum tissues of your mouth to heal, and make sure not to drop them on the hard floor as they can break or bend.

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Are dentures comfortable to wear?

At first, dentures usually feel uncomfortable as you will experience a feeling of fullness in your mouth. According to dental professionals, it takes about 30 days to get used to your new dentures but eventually, you will feel normal.

However, there are various types of dentures but flexible dentures are considered to be more comfortable than most dentures especially for those that are new to these kinds of replacement teeth.

How comfortable are partial dentures?

Partial dentures are often used for temporary tooth-loss replacement and used in the case of a single missing tooth or a few teeth rather than a full set of teeth.

At first, you might feel a certain bulkiness in your mouth, and it might take some days or few weeks to feel comfortable with your partial dentures but once your cheek muscles and tongues adjust to them, you will get used to them.

Are flexible dentures more comfortable?

Yes, flexible dentures are much more comfortable than other partial dentures and this is because they are made up of lighter material (lighter and flexible resin) than traditional dentures.

Also, flexible dentures don’t have any metal parts and so, this makes them feel and look more natural adapting better to the shape of your gum and teeth

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