How Much Does Invisalign Cost in Los Angeles

how much does invisalign cost in los angeles

Are you sick of the way your smile looks? Are you tired of being turned down for a job, a promotion, or an elite group because of that smile? Invisalign is a great way to start improving your appearance. It will make you smile confidently at social gatherings, meetings, and interviews. I know it can be expensive but there are several different ways to pay for this procedure.

In this blog, we look at how much Invisalign cost?

First, What is Invisalign?

This is a type of orthodontic treatment that aids the gradual alignment and straightening of the teeth with clear and removable aligners.

There are several reasons why people get Invisalign and below are some of the reasons;

  • Crowded & Crooked teeth
  • Wide or narrow teeth spacing
  • Open bite, overbite, and underbite

Invisalign is custom-made from FDA-approved medical-grade plastics.

How it works

It involves the application of pressure or force which results in gradual shifting of the teeth into the correct position. In some special cases, patients require bone-colored attachment that bonds with the teeth to enable the aligner trays to work more effectively.


Also, it’s important to add that before the commencement of any treatment, an evaluation by an Invisalign provider is recommended. During this evaluation, the dentist takes an x-ray to ascertain the state of your oral health and your eligibility for the procedure.


Once approved, the dentist will work out a customized treatment plan, and an impression of the bite, and order a set of aligners (these aligners are often upgraded periodically). The treatment takes a year to a year and a half plus the aligners have to be worn 22 hours daily for optimal results.


Benefits of Invisalign

No rules on consumption: Unlike traditional braces which prevent you from eating certain foods (chewy, gummy foods, steak, almonds, and other hard fruits). This is because hard fruits can cause your brackets to break off after biting into these fruits while chewy foods could get stuck around your brackets and wires which could cause the breeding of sugar-loving bacteria. However, with Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about a list of forbidden foods. All that is required is for you to remove aligners before meals, brush them, then put them back.

So clear…it’s almost invincible: Most people like the idea of straightened teeth but the struggle of wearing metal braces was a big issue as the majority prefer not to draw attention to the fact that they are going through orthodontic treatment. So, they just chose to live with their crooked teeth that way as they rarely drew attention because they were less noticeable as compared to metal braces. For this reason and many others is why Invisalign is the new best thing in orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign aligners, people barely notice you are wearing anything as the aligners are made of thin and clear plastic. Invisalign is considered one of the most discreet options in the market for aligners.

Easy Oral Hygiene: Most users of traditional metal braces battle with various issues after the removal of their braces. Issues such as stains on the teeth, cavities, or even gingivitis a symptoms of gum disease. This happens because metal braces make maintaining oral hygiene difficult. Invisalign makes oral hygiene simple because all it requires is simply removing your plastic aligners, flossing, and brushing.

Farewell to Orthodontic emergencies: With traditional braces, you are susceptible to dental emergencies, and the only way to minimize the risk of these emergencies happening is by adhering to your dentist’s instructions of not taking certain foods. Despite these precautions, the most careful patients still suffer accidents like broken brackets, and postponing the replacement of these broken brackets till your next appointment may extend the period of your orthodontic treatment. With Invisalign, there is no risk of breakages, so no unexpected orthodontic emergencies.

Now, let’s take a look at how much Invisalign treatment cost?

The average cost of Invisalign is usually between $3,000 to $7,000 but the total cost of treatment is usually dependent on the seriousness of the case and the duration of the treatment.

However, other factors that influence your Invisalign cost are as follows;

  • Duration of the treatment
  • Condition of the teeth or the type of malocclusion
  • Overall oral health
  • Number of aligners required
  • Location of the dentist and practice. Urban areas are renowned to be more expensive.

Speaking of the expensive cost of Invisalign treatment in urban areas, its cost in Los Angeles is a typical example.

So, what is the cost of Invisalign treatment in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, the average cost of Invisalign is around $2,200 to $6,600.

Want to get Invisalign but the cost is too steep? 

Here are ways to save on the cost to incur when procuring your Invisalign

Ways to save on your Invisalign cost

  1. Flexible Spending Accounts: With this type of account, the owner has access to a fixed amount of pre-tax money to be used solely for any healthcare costs incurred. Most employee benefits packages are fitted with an FSA.
  2. Health Savings Account: This is similar to the FSA but the difference between the two types of accounts is the fact that the HSA requires that you have a high-deductible insurance plan and your balance can be rolled over into the new year.
  3. Dental Payment Plans: Some dental practices and dentists offer a payment plan, so you don’t necessarily have to pay everything at once.
  4. Dental Schools: You can check if there are any dental schools in your area that may offer dental service discounts. However, by signing up to a dental school for your treatment, you are agreeing to allow a dental student to learn on the job by doing your dental work.
  5. No-interest credit card:  You can also use this to finance your dental treatment if utilized correctly. If you qualify for a credit card with a 0 % introductory interest rate and make regular payments to pay off the amount before the introductory period ends, you will practically create a payment plan without having to pay more.
  6. Medicaid or children insurance program: If you have a kid or a teen that is signed up to the government health insurance scheme, this could help cover their Invisalign treatment especially, in cases where the lack of orthodontic treatment could impact their overall health. You can work with dentists and insurance reps to get your child the Invisalign treatment they need.


Ready to flaunt that smile?

At Nohofamily dental, we have been making dreams come true for decades. We specialise in Invisalign treatment, fillings, root canal, tooth whitening, and many more dental treatments to make your dreams of a pearly white smile come true.

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